Energy to make a better world


All of us at Sterling Energy are working toward a common goal. That is, to leave behind us a world that is better than the way we found it.

Each operating unit in the Sterling Energy Group of companies is capable of making a difference on its own.

Working in concert with the other operating units, and in association with our many affiliates and working partners around the world, we bring critical mass to making profound improvements in our environment and helping the populations we impact.

We will continue to grow by adding products and services that strengthen us in our existing and future markets.


Managing Existing Energy Assets

Improving facility efficiencies, reducing carbon footprints and reducing pollution while improving profitablity.

Renewable Energy

Creating more energy from renewable sources using proven state-of-the art technologies.

Environmental Stewardship

Reducing, reusing and recycling for ourselves and others. Recycling waste into energy to preserve our land, water and air for future generations.

Social Responsibility

Bringing more energy, prosperity and opportunities to inner cities, rural economies and developing nations; creating jobs and empowering people.   


The world is full of aging power plants and replacing them all is a long-term proposition.  In the meantime, we need to better manage what we have. Sterling Energy refurbishes power plants for ourselves and others, including converting them to renewable fuel or augmenting them to add a portion of renewable activity to offset their carbon footprints. 

Sterling has a patent-pending method of utilizing existing assets in combination with new technologies to add value, improve efficiencies and improve overall profitability while reducing the environmental impacts of making electricity.


´╗┐Sterling Energy is dedicated to helping the world get its energy from renewable sources. We started with existing power plants being converted from fossil fuels to biomass and solid waste. We now have added the capacity to produce renewable diesel, and sustainable aviation fuel plus Naptha from biomass.

With our affiliates, we are also able to round out our portfolio with photo-voltaic (PV) solar and wind.

We see a future where electrical energy is generated over a distributed network: Many small power plants working in concert versus a few very large power plants. Likewise, renewable liquid fuel plants can be constructed closer to the feedstock and closer to the customer.

Renewable energy technologies lend themselves to being widely distributed and this saves greatly on moving finished products or transmitting electrons over great distances.


We only have one world!

Sterling 's focus is on making it better. As part of our corporate commitment, we are instrumental in developing new sources of fuel for our power plants and those owned by others. New fuel sources enhance the localities in which we operate and help to preserve our natural resources. We work with forestry management professionals to ensure that our suppliers adhere to proper timber management techniques.

Using wood and wood waste as fuel to replace coal, oil and natural gas to generate electricity reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

Managing forests to maximize wood production for fuel increases the amount of wood available per acre.

Creating more forests and more fields of fuel crops will take even more carbon from the air.

Replenishing soils with carbon co-products sequesters the carbon forever while enhancing its ability to store moisture, minerals and nutrients essential to new growth.

A portion of our company profits is directed to environmental groups who themselves are doing their part to make the world a better place.


We live in an increasingly interconnected world.

What happens in one neighborhood impacts what happens in another.

What happens in one country impacts what happens in another.

Sterling Energy recognizes that we share our planet with other people and all nature's creatures.  As a company, we seek to improve the lives of as many people as we can reach. Since energy is a necessity for our human survival and success we can use our expertise in this industry to make measurable improvements to people around the world.

Part of Sterling Energy's mission is to take what we know to inner cities and economically depressed rural areas as well as other countries. These are areas where people's lives are threatened.  Everyone needs energy and everyone needs a chance to make their lives better. We aim to give as many people that chance as possible. 

A portion of our company profit is directed to organizations that can bring food stability, medical attention, and educational opportunities to places where it is lacking or does not exist at all.